God’s Word

The question so many of us have asked in our lives is, “What does He want for me? What does he want from me?”
We have said to ourselves and to Him, we would surely do His will if only we knew what it was.

Many of us have sat through what felt like endless seasons
where we just could not discern His voice or His will for our lives.

God has given us many ways to connect with Him; through prayer and meditation, through praise and worship,
through fellowship with others in the body of believers, etc.

We can have extraordinary and indescribable experiences with God through revelation given to us in a vision or prophecy. We may stand in the pews in worship or pray to the Lord even in the privacy of our car and have the very hairs on our neck raise up as we feel THISCLOSE to Him and absorb what we believe to be direct communication from Him.

God can and will pour truth, knowledge and comfort into your very spirit in these ways as we speak to and praise Him, and as we draw near to Him to listen for His divine direction.

While we believe all of this to be true, please know dear Sister in Christ, that consistently studying the Bible will perhaps be the most important thing you will ever do to be in a close relationship with the Lord and be able to discern His will for your life as you walk with Him.


Many women have shared that they dont seem to get the same revelations their Pastor or others in their life seem to receive when reading the Bible. Countless women have told me that the Bible can be very dry reading at best, and even confusing or discouraging at times.

Even if this is has been your experience with the Bible, please consider the possibility of carving out time to spend in the Word each day, or at least several days a week, in which you read through a small section and truly study the very words you have read.

Our challenge? A Chapter a Day.

Set time aside in your day to read the chapter, and a brief section of time to write or share with someone else what you have read. Every day.

Sounds like a big order right? Perhaps more than you can handle with all of the things you are juggling from day to day.

Consider this though: how much time have you spent today on worrying? or on Facebook or some other form of social media? or on anything else that isn’t feeding your soul the way He wants to?

We can make the time and God asks us to because He has something FOR us in His word that we wont get anywhere else. Find out what it is.

It will happen as you go, probably not in a big bang but rather as you are walking.

We will do it with you.

As part of your reading, commit to a level of study you are comfortable with. Be willing to ask God questions or to have concerns with what you’re reading. He wants to reveal Himself to you and He will.

Reference the meanings of words that stand out to you, consider the time and place the individuals you are reading about lived in. I cannot stress to you enough the importance of CONTEXT.

Once you have read your chapter, join us here on our Bible Journal
and share anything that spoke to you in that day’s reading.

Many Christians read the Bible in a very unstructured and what can become a haphazard way; pulling from very small passages of scripture as they find bits and pieces that resonate for them in a certain season of their life.

Consider that when we pull a few sentences from a page, we may miss the true message of a paragraph or chapter and walk away without getting all that God has for us.

Very contrary to that reading style, I challenge you to read the Bible with a commitment to follow along with the entire book you are reading in, or at minimum the entire chapter, so that you get the most of what you are reading, and in context with the entire passage.

You will learn so much about God, and about you. You will read testimonies of war and battle, of love and loss, of family sagas and of the wisdom and the folly of so many of God’s people that still speak to us powerfully today.

More important than that is this:
“.. the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart”. – Hebrews 4:12