“You Are Called”

Deeply Rooted Conference / 2013


Our 2013 Deeply Rooted Women’s Retreat focus was that women of God are precious to Him,

deeply loved and esteemed by Him, and that they have been created with purpose, FOR PURPOSE.

Our “Called” Team was made up of Jill Shankles, who taught on Identity in Christ,

Jade Arbelo who taught on Receiving God’s Grace (“Do You Want to Be Healed?”),

Michele Goane who inspired women with her personal testimony

of victory over fear, shame and unforgiveness and who also lead us in Morning Devotions,

as well as Jenaye Figueroa and Michelle DIlley who lead us in prayer and worship throughout the weekend.

God’s children are called to many things: to be in a deep and active relationship with Him

and with each other, to love one another, and to actively step out TO SERVE OTHERS and to share the Gospel of Christ.

While we may be saved by His grace, there is more to a life with Jesus.

Each Christian has opportunities for ministry but so many of us have barriers up that block us from being who God calls us to be in different seasons of our life. There are many things He will call you to over the course of your walk with Him, many purposes for your life.

And the same way God calls us TO a number of things, there will also be things and places he calls us FROM.

Each of us knows what this means in our own unique walk with Him.

Sometimes we have to get to the point where we believe God could or would use someone like us.

Other times we need to become willing to be a vessel He can use before we can step into that ministry.

 These barriers can be any number of things; shame and guilt, fear and insecurity, unforgiveness,

deep pain from trauma or loss, confusion about God’s will, rebellion or self pity.

We may  need to do some painful “letting go”, forgiving ourselves or others, facing fear or shame, or coming to believe He can and He will.

A very special, small group of women from different walks of life, met together

at La Jolla Cove Suites in LaJolla, CA, June 19-21 for teaching and interactive partnership groups.


We came prepared to leave some things behind when we left at the end of the weekend and indeed, we did.

We understood though, as we left at the end of that conference,

that we are CALLED BY A NEW NAME, that we as women of God are CALLED TO MORE,

and that we as ambassadors of Christ are CALLED TO MINISTRY.