Our retreat theme for 2014 was “My Sheep Know my Voice”.

Our Retreat Team consisted of  Jade Arbelo who taught on “The Sheep

and the Shepherd” and “Intimacy with Jesus”, Jill Shankles, who lead us in prayer and worship, Michele Goane who spoke on the power of sisterhood to both wound and heal, and Rhonda Hall, who shared her testimony of placing sheep in the Shepherd’s role.

We met with a small and dynamic group of women for one weekend to focus on

the wonderful intimacy we can have with both our Good Shepherd and with the” sheep”.

We acknowledged all of the voices bombarding us each day, both internally and externally

and how critical it is that we learn to discern the voice of our Shepherd,

Jesus Christ and have a truly intimate relationship with Him.

We delved in to the Love Letter that is God’s word and we spent time with one another in laughter,

and sometimes tears, as we looked honestly at the level of intimacy some of us enjoyed and

some of us wanted to have more deeply, with either our Shepherd or our flock, or both.

When we allow God to lead, we allow for anything and everything He will have for us.

This was a weekend we bravely devoted to receiving whatever God wanted for us, whether it be correction or comfort.

We made a commitment to invest in our relationships with both Jesus Christ

and with the body of believers we each have in our midst.

We need Him, need to know His voice to follow Him, need to follow Him to know His will for our lives.

We also need the gift of fellowship and support He has given us, each one, in each other.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

John 10:27