Our walk with the Lord can feel passionately inspired much of the time.  God fills us with a hope unlike we have ever known without Him.  We are comforted, motivated and empowered by Him in deep and lasting ways that nothing else can give us.

It is also true though that our walk as Christians can be a very hard road in certain seasons of our lives as we surrender ourselves to the care of God.

There will absolutely be joy and peace in the Lord that will fulfill us beyond anything we could ever imagine and yet, there will also be times we feel the heat of firey trials that bring pain, rejection, even persecution – sometimes as a direct result of our love for Jesus in a world that rejects Him.

In good times and in tough times, the support of our believing friends can bring us a very sweet sense of support and unity.

It must be said though that from our beginnings, relationships between women have been beautiful, and yes, tumultuous and complex.

Something so precious to us at Deeply Rooted is the fact that women of faith are truly SISTERS in Christ.

The redemptive blood of Jesus Christ unites each of us and our faith in Him is a bond between us that we urge you to fiercely guard and protect.

We believe close-knit relationships with like-minded believers are a gift and a blessing from God, but also necessary to our spiritual well-being. We want to encourage you to seek fellowship in your churches, in home fellowship settings, Bible studies, “Ladies Nights”, etc.

If there are ways for you to connect in a deeper sense than you currently have, we know you have your reasons. If you are like so many of us, you may be juggling a lot in your life and feel too busy to take on anything else. You may have been hurt before and find it’s easier or safer to keep your distance. You may have any number of things that keep you from reaching out.

We challenge you now: Let someone in. And then let someone else in. Show up. Say hello. Get a phone number. Make the calls. Make connections. Talk together. Pray together. Play together. Let go.