You had me at hello

Humans were created by God to connect with Him and with each other. Whether we are introverts or extroverts, healthy humans are social creatures and as a result we long to be noticed, seen, acknowledged and valued. (Some more than others) As connected as our world may seem to have become with all of it’s […]


4 Words that Will Change Your Life

I was alone in my cubicle when I sent my sister the text: “I’ve decided I’m giving up. Retreating. Henry David Thoreau style. ‪#‎Cabininthewoods‬. Please send wine. And coffee.” ALS challenges, racial tension, radical religion. People up in arms in one way or another about all three. Media consumers trying to speak their way into […]



I’m thinking that God didn’t rest after Creation because it really tuckered Him out. He merely spoke and things came to be. No, God knew that if He didn’t model rest for us, we wouldn’t get it. So He did. He worked, and then He rested. For many of us, resting does not come easily. […]


Paths crossed.

God has a purpose for you today, a way for you to touch the life of someone He has placed on your path. Do you know what it is?